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Monday, 19 February 2007


"WP 6 - Monitoring, Prevention & Management of Specific Effects of Climate Change on Nature" will compare, assess and enhance present monitoring techniques and their application on vulnerable areas for improving prevention and management of specific effects of climate change on nature in Alpine regions.


It aims as well at elaborating recommendations for political decision makers and administration. The Partners (PP) will investigate, monitor and integrate data on the effects of permafros-thaw and other temperature influencese on debris release and debris management.

A state of the art report concerning slope monitoring methods will be developed.


The application of innovative remote sensing methods and resulting synergetic effects will be controlled and compared.


The monitoring results will be interpreted as an early warning system.

The PP expect to establish an expert-network, to identificate and collect best practice examples, develop indications and recommendations for politicians concerning the need of data, gaps and further research.



Responsible for this WP: LfU

Partners of the WP: LfU, BMLFUW, WBV, Au, RAVA, ARPA, GeoZS, BWG, RohneAlp, UCB, AWNL





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